Hi I'm Paul Drecksler.

I'm an idea man, entrepreneur, and traveler, among other things. I like me. I hope that one day we have that in common.


Travel is Life

I believe that traveling is good for your soul and good for the world! My mission at TravelisLife.org is to create products, videos, and resources that have a big impact on travelers and a positive impact on our world.

Ideas Focused
Everything starts with an idea. At IdeasFocused.com, I help entrepreneurs take their businesses and projects from idea to execution to success through business consultation, website development, and Internet marketing.
Shopifreaks.com is a weekly newsletter for Shopify store owners, developers, and investors that brings all the latest Shopify news, apps, and happenings in a short e-mail each Monday.
Shop Affiliate Apps
Affiliate marketing is a win-win-win for businesses, publishers, and consumers. At ShopAffiliateApps.com, I help businesses choose the best software to power their affiliate programs and create powerful and profitable referral marketing systems.
Funterventions™ are a hilarious way to help your loved ones. Our products say the things you’ve always wanted to say in a funny, honest, and light-hearted way that puts a smile on your gift recipients faces.


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Meh: The Show

Read the pilot and second episode of Meh an American comedy-drama that follows two young men in Los Angeles navigating not-so-busy careers, relationships, and modern day rules of life.

“A less-funny younger Curb.”

“Relatable, sarcastic, with some dark humor.”

“I hope this wasn't inspired by real life.”

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